Early Birthday Gift…

Based on my previous posting, you know lah yaaa that I’m going to… berdoa semoga semua lancar jaya abadi. Hehehe…

Di suatu Senin pagi, dimana saya berangkat ke kantor ogah-ogahan as usual, I found sumthin on my desk! At the same time, I looked at my bb screen, there was a message from Theresia Suganda: “ eh eh, me got something for u on ur desk y.. semoga bermanfaad 😀

Wohooo… I smell something good 😀

Sebelum dibuka dan tahu apa isinya pun, I’m already sooo happy. What a way to start the day, huh?

Langsung laah tweet pameerr…

“Eh eh eh I’ve got sumthin on my desk! Do I have a secret admirer? *blushing* oh thanks @twiras

Too excited, langsunglah saya buka bungkusan itu… and I found…. Taddaaaaaa….

“Hey look look look! I’ve got this! *jingkrak2 kegirangan* Oh @twiras you know me sowel *kisskiss*”

For me, this is such a birthday gift that comes earlier…. I’ve been dreaming about this! A guide book! Graciasss!!

Oh baydeway, I had a nightmare last night. It was so scary! Tapi ternyata it was nothing but something to lead you to the good ones 😉

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